The End of Convenience

The end of convenience in modern society may sound scary. No more 7 11's…no more take out boxes…no more all-in-one trash bins. Nevertheless, it is a choice we must make, to limit our modern conveniences, if we wish to live a responsible and sustainable life.

It's not convenient to recycle. It's not convenient to bring your own container to the store. It's not convenient to take the stairs as opposed to the elevator. There's hundreds of decisions we make every day that are based on convenience, and many of these convenient choices are putting our world and society in a worse state than it was when we arrived.

Try riding a bike instead of driving. Pack your lunch instead of getting take out. Carry your empty plastic water bottle in your bag until you can recycle it. Better yet, always have a reusable water bottle and travel coffee mug so you don't ever use plastic bottles or styrofoam cups. I could go on and on about sacrificing conveniences in order to make our society, our money and our health more sustainable, but you get the idea. Now it's time to practice what I preach and take the stairs up to the 5th floor of my apartment instead of riding the elevator #already #wheezing.

Today I made a critical early decision in the year without plastic. I turned down a bag of bagels my room mate offered to buy and share, because they come in a plastic bag. The quick and convenient solution to getting bagels is to say, "yes pick me up a bag". The very inconvenient solution is to go to the bakery and bring a container from home to put the bagels in. How awkward and inconvenient that interaction will be. I am looking forward to it. I look at it as a social experiment on convenience and the acceptance of environmentally friendly choices.


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