Gym, Tan, Laundry in 2014 – Make it Happen!

Setting a New Year's resolution is a chance for renewed energy, a clear mind, and a fresh perspective on our lives. So while accomplishing them may seem a little daunting, I definitely recommend the practice of setting them in writing.

Let's face it: everyone wants to go to the gym more, do more laundry or tanning…and the people that don't live up to their resolutions give the whole practice a bad reputation. "The gym is too crowded", "The laundromat scares me"…enough excuses!

I say forget about all the people who complain and talk bad about setting new year's resolutions. Anything that gets you motivated to live your ideal life is a great thing. It should be practiced. It won't be perfect the first few years…it might take a lifetime…but eventually you will get good at setting achievable new year's resolutions that really do make a positive impact on your life.

This year, I didn't set anything into writing until about mid-way through January. But after I did (it took a whole 20 minutes or so), I've definitely felt the energy that a new year brings. A fresh start, a fresh outlook, and the opportunity to make this year a great one.

I felt like, instead of starting with action items, I would group some things into broader categories. Those turned out to be:

Healthy Mind
Healthy Body
Contribution to Social Good
Planning for the Future
Lifelong Skills to Prepare for the Zombie Apocalypse

The apocalypse could come at any time. We really can't tell the future, but what we can do is prepare for the possibilities of what's to come. I made sure to include apocalypse preparations in my 2014 New Year's resolutions.

Mind you, these are the ideals I set. Will I achieve half of them? Time will tell…

Within the mind category:
– meditation: every morning
– reading: 30 mins a day
– writing: 10 mins daily reflection and planning for the next day
– yoga: every morning
– buddhist practice

Within the body category:
– yoga (apparently yoga is mind AND body!)
– run / train for a 1/2 marathon
– bike 50 mi / week
– soccer 1x / week
– vegetarian diet

Social Good:
– Become a tutor / teacher
– Volunteer at a food bank
– Habitat 4 humanity
– Year Without Plastic – Keep active on the blog (1 post per week) and Twitter, get engaged in the local farmer's market, do something like a video series.

Planning for the Future:
– Expert-level ruby on rails / web developer
– Contribute to open source project(s). 2-4 hours a week.
– Join a company
– Year w/o Plastic could fall into this category too, because I guess the well-being of the planet is important for the future.

Lifelong Skills for the Zombie Apocalypse:
– farming / gardening (grow a window-sill herb garden for good eats while holed up from the zombies outside)
– sailing (zombies can't walk on water)
– teaching (maybe they won't attack the teacher?)
– carpentry / electrician (build a fort and an electric fence around it)

So that's it! Have you written a list that you want to share? It may give me and some other folks ideas for their own 2014 goals, so share what you've come up with, and if you don't have anything yet, try writing a list!


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