About Year Without Plastic

I, like many others, have felt at times hopeless in our fight to save our pristine planet from terrible destruction at the hands of our own society that we have created.

Instead of feeling helpless, blaming others, rationalizing our behavior, or simply brushing our problems under the rug, I decided to do a small personal challenge.  It really isn’t that difficult: the goal is stop using one-time-use disposable plastics.

I started in 2013, around August or September.  I currently am going strong a year later, October 2014. I haven’t died due to lack of straws at restaurants. I have not had any grocery mishaps due to bringing reusable containers and reusable bags. I even got a free pizza at Flatbread because the server thought we were awesome for asking for no straw in our waters.

When people first hear about this challenge, some may feel threatened. It’s a natural reaction: your way of life is being challenged, by some jerk on the internet no less! Let’s all say how pointless it is, and then let’s drink bottled water and order large coffees to-go in styrofoam cups. Other, more awesome people, become inspired and may even take up the challenge themselves. Turns out it’s fun to limit yourself and help save the planet.

What’s the point of all of this? It’s to empower ourselves. To show the power of one, and not to feel helpless, useless, or hopeless in the fight for our environment, or any fight for that matter. It’s to see if I can stand up for what I believe in, and empower others to do the same.


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