Take The Pledge

You have arrived! This is what it’s all about.  I really believe that by my living in this way, others will also choose to live this way.  One turns into 3, and that turns into 30, etc, etc.  Won’t you join me in living a  <add reverb> <wait 3 seconds>  <increase volume x3> <drum roll> Year Without Plastic?

Here’s how to take the pledge to yourself, your society, and to the earth, that you will live Plastic Free for an amount of time:

  1. Go to the tattoo parlor
  2. Choose a nice font
  3. Choose location ( bicep or calf preferable)

Just kidding!  You don’t need to get ex communicated from Judaism to join this small revolution against polymers.  All you have to do is put in a comment below with your real first name and last initial, and the time you commit to living Plastic Free, and  leave your email so I can email you and we can be non plastic friends.  That’s it!  Or, you can just start living a more sustainable life, and you don’t have to tell me a thing about it.


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