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Food Without Plastic

Food Without Plastic

As I walked the isles of Shaw's, I started to think about how awesome this year long journey is going to be. I love love love limiting my choices. I only use the word love to describe love and that means the mind has to interpret the word love in many different ways. What that nonsense means is constraints lead to creativity.

I walked through the supermarket with a small canvas bag I got at SXSW the past year. I filled it with five items: a carton of eggs, an orange, a lemon, a bunch of garlic, and one Vidalia onion. I realized I should never go to this supermarket again.

Things I can purchase at Shaw's: cartons of drank (milk and juice and stuff), boxes of grains and oats, fruits and vegetables that are not wrapped in mesh or in plastic bags.

Things I plan to make with said ingredients (and a few more from the pantry): Omelets, tortillas sin papas, hummus, orange slices.