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Saying Goodbye to Tortillas

We don't grow up thinking that one day, we will have to make the choice: a life with tortillas or a life without. We never imagine the soft shells from Mexico (and Brooklyn) will ever be forcefully withheld from our loving grasp. Oh, to wrap you up with rice, beans and guacamole one last time…

Gone are my old staples of cereal (plastic bagged, for freshness), yogurt in plastic containers (otherwise it would be all drippy), bags of cheese (less mold I presume), bread in plastic bags (again, mold and freshness), chips that are in paper bags and ALMOST pass the rules test, but have this little plastic window so you can SEE what a chip looks like. How convenient.
I thought the chips were going to look different, but thanks to that little window, I am reassured they are still the same. Crunchy, salty, triangular corn temptations. I will have my tortilla chips back, and my tortilla shells. I just need to find the source.