The No Plastic Diet

Antiplasticarian – noun
1. A person who refrains from eating foods which are wrapped or bagged in plastic.

I realized that if I make up words for not using plastic, like antiplasticarian or sustainatarian, people think it’s a “real thing” and accept it.

I’ve also realized there are immense health benefits that result as a side effect of simply not buying food that comes wrapped in plastic, in the same way vegans benefit from strictly denying any products that come from animals in any way.

Sticking with the No Plastic Diet, aka being antiplasticarian, gives you many health benefits, including:
– avoid meats, except fresh from the docks fish, or straight from the local butcher.
– avoid most manufactured foods
– avoid most foods intended for long shelf life
– and about everything else in the modern supermarket.

It’s easier to list what IS available. It’s easy to see the positive health effects that not buying plastic could have:

  • Antiplasticarians can ONLY buy in bulk, from the vegetable and fruit aisle and from farmer’s markets.
  • We usually must buy from the source, unless the product is shipped in a cardboard or paper container, such as milk, eggs and other boxed or canned goods. Some boxed goods have plastic bags inside them, so we are aware to watch out for those.
  • We usually cannot indulge in quick to-go baked goods or foods. Try going to a Starbucks or gas station and easily turn down the junk food temptation by simply remembering that you do not eat things wrapped in plastic.

    We are forced to make meals from scratch and using fresh, local ingredients.
  • We must remember not to over order so that we are not in need of a styrofoam to-go container.
  • Forget drinking sodas. You can also forget about starring in a diabeetus commercial Wilford Brently
  • Starring Wilford Brimly.


  • No solo cups or plastic cups means less alcohol consumption at bars and parties.

Now you can be the coolest person at the bar and drink from a flask.

  • You have to buy (or make) fresh baked bread. Awful, I know.
  • Basically everything big food corporations want us to consume is off limits to antiplasticarians. Sorry, we won’t become addicted to junk food.

The Year Without Plastic encompasses more than just food, but eating is the most difficult habit to change, since we have the impulse to consume multiple times of day, and usually stop at nothing to get a quick bite.

If you are giving this diet a try, let me know how it goes!


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